Vitamin C for Chlorine Removal

If you are chlorine-sensitive, or if you don’t like to smell like the pool or hot tub for hours afterwards, then this note is for you.

I just learned that the #1 most effective chlorine neutralizer is also the #1 cheapest, the #1 most readily available, and the #1 all-around healthiest. Other fans of Linus Pauling will not be surprised to hear that this miracle substance is … VITAMIN C!

Here is a link to a chlorine-removing shower filter, $50, that lasts about 6 months for 2 people. It is not a carbon filter (they get plugged up) nor does it use a sulfur compound as most others do. It uses pure Vitamin C — which is known to be great for the skin, the immune system, and the environment!

For removing chlorine after swimming or hot-tubbing, I have had success two ways: (1) a spray bottle filled with water + vitamin C crystals (very cheap from Trader Joe’s) works quickly on skin and hair. Just spray yourself all over, wait a sec (rub it in with bare hands), then rinse off or bathe as usual. Or (2) the fancy version is to add vitamin C to your favorite moisturizing soap and to your favorite conditioning shampoo. Just be sure to completely cover your hair and skin with your preferred vitamin C emulsion; it can’t work where it doesn’t reach.

You’ll know right away how well this works or not by how your skin and hair smell.

Dosage: So far I have had success with one teaspoon (5 grams) of vitamin C crystals dissolved in a large pint-size spray bottle of water. It’s a little harder to be sure the vitamin C is fully dissolved in soap or shampoo, but it seems to work with about one teaspoon (5 grams) vitamin C crystals in a normal-size bottle of liquid soap or shampoo.

The price is almost incalculably cheap: a one-pound bottle of vitamin C crystals (454 grams) at Trader Joe’s sells for $9.99 last time I checked. One teaspoon (5 grams) represents about 1% of a bottle, or 10 cents.

**Please let me know your experience with this!**

BTW, this spray solution would also be a great anti-burn solution. Vitamin C in water acts to instantly stop the pain and injury of a thermal burn on the skin or inside the mouth, even a bad burn with oozing blisters. It would probably be of great help with a sunburn as well, although it works best when applied immediately after the burn occurs (which is difficult with a sunburn because it is not an instantaneous injury like a kitchen burn). Again, I am eager to hear the experience of others who try this — please let me know!