Hormones and Holistic Medicinary

We offer a curated collection of specific medicinary items for your convenience and quality assurance. All items on hand are available during business hours or can be picked up after-hours by arrangement (please phone us); we also ship anywhere, and we can place special orders for many doctor-only brands if you like.

Criteria for inclusion in our collection include demonstrated effectiveness, scientific validity, top-quality sourcing, and competitive prices. While our collection is ever-evolving, here are a select few of our perennial favorites — if you don’t see what you need, please just ask!

German precision Thermometers filled with Galinstan (a nontoxic blue liquid), yielding superior accuracy; they are very helpful in tracking thyroid function.

OmniVite multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplements, exceptionally bio-available (absorbable), cost-effective, and made in Portland with pride.

Adrenoplex glandular support to speed healing of stressed-out, overworked, under-performing adrenals.

Oplopanax Tincture, the ginseng that is native to damp forests of the Pacific Northwest, helpful both physically and emotionally-spiritually.

Dr. McKay’s Anti-Virus Tincture, a proprietary herbal blend for all those pesky viruses that love to hide out and then pounce on us after we thought they were long gone.

Dr. McKay’s Throat Spray, a proprietary herbal blend, soothing and numbing for sore throats, anti-viral and anti-bacterial for upper respiratory infections, clove-scented.

Nasosympatico Compound, the awesome nose and sinus aromatherapy treatment: decongestant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and mood-lifting. Dr. McKay is one of very few doctors who know how to instill this aromatherapy compound into the sinuses themselves, to get rid of sinus infections once and for all.

PGX Powder, the famous weight-loss aid that keeps you regular, in a more cost-effective form than the heavily advertised capsules.

Cal-Mag Citrate, the bone-building, muscle-relaxing, antacid bedtime soother.