Creative Solutions
I’d like to thank you one more time for making this work on such short notice; and another for not running out of solutions even when there isn’t much to work with, it is really awesome! …I hope all goes well with the remodeling and a happy new year you and all your staff! I wish you health, happiness and success (awesomeness is already there).  

–K.D., Beaverton 

Gratitude and praise!
I’ve been working with Dr. McKay for only a couple months now but I can’t imagine continuing my road to optimal health without her. I’ve learned more valuable information and have had more progress in this short time than in the last 10 years of seeing other physicians. I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in energy, mood, digestion, sleep, overall vitality and self esteem. I’m starting to feel and look like myself again. Not only is Dr. McKay understanding and empathetic, she is incredibly thorough and astute. I have never felt so genuinely cared for and listened to. She is the embodiment of what a great naturopathic physician should be. I am sincerely grateful to have this woman in my life.
–Ada L., Portland  
Duuuuuuuude, that stuff  WORKS!  
[regarding pain-relieving cream applied 4 hours after ankle surgery]      
–Brianna, age 25
I am so thrilled to have found Dr. McKay! After several months and attempts to figure out why I wasn’t sleeping, had the chills, was unbelievably moody and anxious at times where it really wasn’t warranted, Dr. McKay nailed it. All I needed was one little progesterone pill – bioidentical of course. I feel grounded, sane, well rested and ready to take on the new year! Dr. McKay was extremely thorough, uber knowledgeable and quite frankly sensibly scientific! 
Thank you thank you! I’m going to tell all of my friends about Dr. McKay, just as long as she promises to make room in her schedule for me! 
– Ashley / designer + mom of 2 in Portland 

 I am feeling soooo much better! Still a bit exhausted, but the pain of my tonsils, throat and sinus pain are gone! THANK YOU!!! Lots of love to your awesome, giving heart …

– Belinda Balogh, Personal Trainer; Owner, Boomer Fitness Solutions, Beaverton

 Here is my mom’s [information] for tomorrow’s appointment. Thank you so much for everything; she seems to be doing much better!

–from Oklahoma (mom flew in from overseas to treat here)

Dr. McKay is extremely knowledgeable and always looking to learn and research more. That’s what I really like about her – she’s not just passing along or dredging up old information. She’s active in always looking for the best way to approach treatment. She’s an excellent communicator, so I always understand the why behind the path we’ve chosen. My health is a real investment for me and I wouldn’t continue seeing Dr. McKay if I wasn’t seeing real results.
– J.K., Attorney, Hillsboro

Dr. McKay has made a huge difference in my life. When I talked to the M.D. about what I was experiencing, I was basically told, “Too bad, can’t help you.” Dr. McKay listened intently and got me on the right path using a natural, holistic approach. My energy is back and I’m feeling great. Her treatment is always caring and thoughtful. She’s very passionate about helping people and it shows in the care she provides. — S.F., Business Owner, Beaverton

From the start Dr. McKay felt right for me. Her philosophy on health care is in line with my own. She’s warm, sensitive, knowledgeable and very caring. She’s the first doctor I’ve seen who really gives of her time. I never feel rushed or forced into a particular path of treatment. I’ve noticed a dramatic change for the better in my overall health and love that we’re achieving that through natural means!
– E.P., Teacher, SW Portland

Dr. McKay takes her time and really listens to me so she can get a complete picture, so her diagnoses are right on. She’s worked wonders for me and made a tremendous difference in my life. I feel more energized, have lost weight and feel better than I have in a long time. And Dr. McKay always makes me feel comfortable because what I share with her doesn’t fall on deaf ears.
– D.C., Attorney, NW Portland

Dr. McKay put the CARE in healthcare! She’s very caring and really listens to me about what I’m telling her about my health – I feel engaged in my health care. Her compassionate, sensitive approach lets me know she’s focused on me as a person. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. McKay my health has improved tremendously. If you’re looking for a doctor who truly cares about you, Dr. McKay is the one to call.
– J.K., College Faculty, NE Portland

Words simply cannot express my gratitude – you have been so very generous with your time, knowledge and marvelous energy. Please do know how deeply I appreciate you – I’m actually kind of excited about the journey I am about to undertake. I looked up recipes when I got home and look forward to doing some shopping tomorrow!
–B.P., retired, Hillsboro

Thank you so much for helping me pick out a good doctor for my young son today. I was very nervous and frustrated. You lead me in the right direction. Thank You. We did see Dr. xxx, and she was very helpful and wonderful. Thank you, Thank You , Thank you!
–K.J, Mom, Hood River

Thank you for a helpful and insightful session Thursday. You made me think, which is good.
–T.A., Healthcare Professional, Lake Oswego