Gratitude vs. Cynicism, Sappy vs. Sophisticated: Who Wins?

I am glad to be alive. It’s normal to take this for granted, but it’s wonderful to really feel it. Yes, life is complicated, life can be hard, and there are few easy answers. Loss is inevitable. I had a rough year.  But it’s good to be alive – very good.  And it certainly beats […]

The Best Medicine

I love to laugh — who doesn’t? And I really love the way I feel after a good long hearty laugh; there’s a special sense of well-being that lingers after laughter. The other night I fell asleep still giggling after watching a comedy video; what a weird way to fall asleep, I said to myself, […]

BHRT on Oprah – Suzanne Somers Explains Menopause Relief

Dozens of women joined in the audience and on webcams for part two of the BHRT debate on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Suzanne Somers, a long-time advocate for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), shared her story with the “Oprah” audience. Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil’s wife and a BHRT patient, and Dr. Christiane Northrup, renowned author […]

Vitamin C for Chlorine Removal

If you are chlorine-sensitive, or if you don’t like to smell like the pool or hot tub for hours afterwards, then this note is for you. I just learned that the #1 most effective chlorine neutralizer is also the #1 cheapest, the #1 most readily available, and the #1 all-around healthiest. Other fans of Linus […]

Chocolate – Food of the Gods?

CHOCOLATE CONTAINS THEOBROMINE, which means “food of the gods.” Dr. McKay feels this name is appropriate, due to the mood-improving and metabolism-enhancing effects of good dark chocolate. She recommends only the darkest of chocolate, 72% or higher, due to the destructive roller-coaster ride induced by too much sugar. Sweet creamy milk chocolate is an entirely […]

Fat Factors

The NY Times often reports fascinating discoveries, described in easily understood language. In this article, the possibility of dysbiosis (imbalance of generally beneficial intestinal micro-organisms) is explored as a possible factor in certain cases of obesity — “infectobesity,” they are calling it. Fat Factors By ROBIN MARANTZ HENIG In the 30-plus years that Richard Atkinson […]

Huge crystals discovered in a Mexican cave

Sometime real life is more amazing than fiction. Here’s a link to a 2007 article about unbelievably huge crystals discovered in a Mexican cave,1200 feet underground. Just scroll down through the photos, even if you don’t take the time to read the article. These photo’s might look like a science fiction movie set, but they’re […]

Plastic Containers for Food and Water

Why do we continue to eat and drink out of plastic containers, when we have known for 80 years that plastics have hormonal effects in the body? Even health-conscious people often drink their two liters of water per day from a plastic bottle. Some wildly popular water bottles are made of polycarbonate. Recent news articles […]